College grad, home-owner and dog mom. Lover of crafts, quotes, flowers and food. Figuring out life in my twenties.

On my lack of posts.


My life, I mean.

Believe me, I would rather post more words rather than instagram pictures of Maizey… but she leads a much more exciting life than me. Chasing cats, rolling in dirt, sleeping on clean clothes, suntanning with no worries in the world and photo-bombing pictures of halloween candy… If only my days were that cool, I would post more. They’re just not. And for the sake of not boring you all, I’m just over here reading up on all of your exciting lives. So keep writing, and I’ll keep reading.

I am feeling awesome today

rocking a new (to me) jean vest found at the thrift store

drinking my second cup of delicious coffee

today it’s supposed to get up to 70 degrees

my coworker said I look skinnier today

got my head back in the game for eating well and working out

had a fantastical weekend full of laziness and chocolate

getting my hair colored on Saturday

in less than one month my best friend is visiting from Hawaii for a week

two books from my hold list at the library are available and are waiting for me

I have the cutest dog - ever - all she wanted to do last night was cuddle

Life is Good!